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SPACE Beyond the SPACE

About Us

We, Space Co., Ltd., are specialize in manufacturing window and door decorations including roll screen, combination screen, triple screen, wood blind, honeycomb shade, aluminum blind, folding doors, and other various products.

We have quality and price competitiveness as we manufacture and sell products for ourselves, and we are proud that we manufacture and distribute Korea’s best products as our experts manufacture products and manage their quality for themselves. We will do our best to manufacture better quality and design of products in order to make beautiful residential environment and comfortable office space.

Organization chart

  • CEO
  • Deputy CEO
    • Sales Dept.
    • Domestic Sales Team

      Overseas Sales Team

      Customer Satisfaction Team

    • Production Dept.
    • Production Team 1

      Production Team 2

    • Production Management Dept.
    • Production Management Team

      Production Technology Team

    • Quality Control Dept.
    • Quality Control Team

      Quality Assurance Team

    • Material Management Dept.
    • Outsourcing Management Team

      Internal Material Management Team

    • General Affairs Dept.
    • General Affairs Team

      HR Team

    • Financial Accounting Dept.
    • Finance Team

      Accounting Team

    • R&D Center
    • Design Team

      Development Team


  • 1

    To achieve 100 billion won of sales

  • 3

    To expand the factory area to 100,000 square meters

    To increase production capacity by scale extension

  • 5

    To achieve 50 million dollars of export

    To secure global competitiveness with highly functional products

  • 7

    To pay 700% bonus to employees

    To realize the corporate goal of sharing

  • 9

    To increase the number of distributors to 900.

    To build independent distribution channels and realize accompanied growth

Concept of talent

  • S incerity Sincere and honest talent
  • P rofessional Talent with professional mentality
  • A ctive Active talent
  • C ooperate Cooperative talent
  • E nthusiastic Enthusiastic talent
Location Map

Contact Us


      89, Innovalley-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu Korea (1023-2, Gaksan-dong)

    • PHONE
    • PHONE

      TEL. 053-555-1448   FAX. 053-555-1449

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    • E-MAIL