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Brand Story

SPACE Beyond the SPACE

Creative solutions, customized for your space Space & Window

The experts at Space & Window Blind are providing Korea’s most diverse and top quality products,
and working to meet customer needs through expert production and quality control.

Korea’s leading company

SPACE, a curtain manufacturing company, has been leading changes in the window decoration market including wood blind, combination blind, roll screen, and honeycomb blind since its foundation in 1993, and has become the leading company in the market in Korea.

‘Space & Window’, which was launched by SPACE, presented the possibility of a blind as an item for creating a beautiful space, rather than merely blocking out sunlight, and opened a new chapter for window systems.

Differentiation through diverse designs and products

Space & Window’s blinds have been recognized for their quality and technology with ISO 9001 and single PPM certifications.

SPACE is researching and developing blinds in various colors and designs to widen customer choices, and is providing distinguished solutions with new systems, functions, and designs.

Development of overseas markets

Space & Window has customers around the world, including in Japan, Canada, and Australia. Space & Window is participating in fairs held all over the world and competing with other global brands, and has been recognized for its craftsmanship.

SPACE BEYOND SPACE Space & Window is dedicated to performing beyond Korea, to become the No. 1 blind brand on the world stage.